Weekly Announcements

NewAnnouncementsThe weekly announcement sheet that is included with your bulletin, contains the latest Trinity and community news, weekly calendar, and our prayer list.  It is designed to fit into your Bible with the weekly calendar available on one side and the prayer list on the reverse. Take it home each week, or register your email address with the church office to receive it by email. Also, if you would like to add or remove people from the prayer list, please contact the church office.


Monthly Newsletter

Each month, the Trinity Tidings Newsletter is emailed to everyone with an email address on record. Additionally, it is posted below and several copies are printed and placed just inside the sanctuary on the wall. Feel free to pick up a copy if you prefer to read it on paper instead of on screen. Remember, Trinity Tidings is your newsletter, so if you have anything you would like included, please send it to the church office by the 20th of each month.

TLC Newsletter October 2021

Central States Synod Newsletter

Follow the latest news from the Central States Synod by clicking here.

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