Global Community

Lutheran World Relief

LWR TruckEach fall, volunteers from area Lutheran churches load a truck with school and health kits, soap, and blankets that Lutheran World Relief distributes to impoverished places throughout the world.  During the year, quilters gather two Wednesdays a month. We would love your assistance in helping our international neighbors.


ELCA Good Gifts

Photo courtesy Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to support the ministries of the ELCA. Select from over 50 gift options such as cows, goats, pigs, water jugs, a bicycle ambulance, and more!  The items in the catalog exemplify work completed in various projects supported by ELCA funds. Each program is a long-term, partnership-based ministry that focuses on the needs of the community it serves as identified by local congregations and global companion churches.